Legal Nurse Consulting

smiling female doctor or nurse with stethoscopeIn the setting of medical litigation, Klosterman & Associate’s team of Legal Nurse Consultants (LNC) will provide critical analysis and interpretation of health care facts and outcomes, and identify medical issues relative to published standards of care. We will also focus on mechanism of injury and consider how pre-existing conditions may impact outcomes. Our nurse consultants are also uniquely qualified to scrutinize health care costs as they relate, or fail to relate to services rendered. Most importantly, Klosterman & Associates LLC offers unique and valuable insight that optimizes case outcomes when providing the following consulting services:

  • Organize, analyze and interpret medical records
  • Scrutinize strengths / weaknesses of the case based on applicable standards of care
  • Identify missing and / or additional records
  • Comp_29525867BProduce brief or in-depth chronology
  • Review billing to:
    • Aide in determination of settlement demand
    • Mitigate liability costs
  • Identify and locate appropriate expert witnesses
  • Perform medical research
  • Provide litigation support via assistance in development of:
    • Case theme / strategy
    • Demonstrative evidence
    • Deposition issues / questions
    • Mediation / Arbitration / Trial presentations
  • Witness / report on IME

Click here to visit the official website for the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants:  AALNC